Tuesday, October 14, 2014

World of Warcraft: Updating Addons

I spent today's patch downtime browsing lists of achievements and getting nostalgic for running around in game doing things so I reactivated my account so I could play a bit after the patch. It turns out that not logging in for over a year meant that I had a bit of an issue with outdated addons. I have no clue what addons I need or want anymore, but I figured just downloading new versions of the ones that were yelling at me was probably a good place to start.

This included my auctioneer replacement, TradeSkillMaster. And then once I had that updated I figured I should put it through the paces again and see if I couldn't make some money off of selling some of the glyphs I have just lying around on my old glyph selling alts. I have no clue what these things are legitimately worth, but what I do know from previous expansions is they're worth more right now than they will be later since there's bound to be a lot of people coming back to the game who also don't know what things are legitimately worth but who will want glyphs to do fun things. So I'm just undercutting whatever's up there now and asserting that they're probably not out to lose money with their prices.

Besides, all these glyphs are already made... So really they're worth nothing to me anymore! Any money I can get for them is good money. Knowing what they're actually worth is more a concern if I want to make more of them to supplement my supply. Which I'll probably want to do soon enough since I like making things... But by then I'll have several days of AH scans and presumably some sale data as well to try to make a more educated guess about things.

I ran my death knight around for a bit and did some stuff on my farm. I found it amusing that the seeds I'd planted in June 2013 had grown into harvestable vegetables and hadn't rotted or anything. I was also surprised to find I'd switched to blacksmithing and engineering at some point. They're removed all profession perks in the next expansion which makes me wonder if I even care what I have anymore. I feel like I almost certainly want mining back because I do enjoy zoning out and mining things and I guess I should probably keep one of blacksmithing or engineering since they both use ore. I'll need to look into it and see if it possibly matters which one I keep. I suspect it doesn't.

At any rate, I have the game to what is likely a playable state. Now I just need to read what all my abilities do and then go out and kill things! After I sleep, anyway.

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