Tuesday, October 28, 2014

World of Warcraft: Hacking Home Stretch

I got most of my stuff unloaded tonight and found the bag with all my computer wires. I got myself all set up and after taking my Civ V turns I went to check on my World of Warcraft account. I went to log in and got an incorrect password error message. Now I've changed that password probably close to a dozen times in the last little while so I wasn't sure if I even knew what it was supposed to be. So I tried a bunch of passwords for a while and none of them worked. So I went to my backup email account that is now running my WoW account to see if it had any information about what was going on. After trying a few passwords on it I got in and found that on Monday my password had been reset.


I went and poked around on the Blizzard website and it wouldn't let me reset the password without first telling it the SMS phone number associated with the account. So I went and got that from my sister again. Then it made me enter in a code it texted her. Then I got to reset my password and log in. I went and took a look and found a ticket in the system submitted by the hacker around the same time when the password reset request went in. The ticket was ultimately cancelled.

The conclusions I can draw from this is the hacker tried to get a GM to let him back into my account and the GM took a first step towards letting him do so, but only if he had access to both my new email account and to my sister's phone. The hacker obviously has access to neither of those things, so they didn't get in. My password did get reset and it took me a bit to jump through the hoops to enter a new one again, so I'm not thrilled that the GM let him get even that far but at least I didn't lose my stuff again.

And since the hacker tried on Monday, failed, and hasn't tried since? I'm probably free and clear. I still need to figure out the guild leadership issue and then petition a GM for the rest of my money back, but it feels like I should probably get the expansion again after all. Woo!

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