Friday, October 24, 2014

Moving Time

I've been spending this last week packing all of my worldly positions into boxes in order to prep for moving back across the country to New Brunswick. I'll probably get around to posting more about the why at a later date. For now, all that really matters is all my stuff is getting shoved into a minivan tomorrow morning and then its getting driven far, far away.

I'm not quite ready to give up on posting every day, but I don't think the SNES blog is getting updated this week. I figure I'll do up a couple extra bridge hands for the weekend for sure and assert I'll be someplace with internet access for Monday. Maybe I'll do two SNES posts next week to catch back up. The next two games are Super Star Wars and Wing Commander, so that should be good times.

Who knows what's in store for the future... I'm hoping I can find an internet connection with a good enough upload speed to actually try out streaming. That could be fun! I do expect I'll end up just playing a lot of online games like always so probably there won't actually be much changing as far as most people who may be reading this are concerned. I guess we'll see!

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