Thursday, October 23, 2014

World of Warcraft: Hack Free!

After my 5th time being hacked earlier this week the GM I talked to reset my secret question and had me change the email address on my account, but he failed to restore my characters properly. The next GM I talked to got confused while trying to restore my characters and decided to permanently ban me instead. But she didn't mark that ticket as resolved, she just locked my account and walked away. So the next day someone else got around to the open ticket, tried to restore my characters, and unlocked my account. 4 nights later and I still have my account. Looks like either the hacker got bored, or the hacker somehow knows they didn't restore all my stuff yet, or the changes the last guy advised actually worked. Certainly without knowing my new email address the hacker can't use the web tools to steal the account. They'd need to go through a GM. The GMs did hand over my account once already so I don't feel super safe, but I do feel reasonably safe.

There's still the issue of my account no being properly restored. They actually restored my gear twice, so I have a second copy of a lot of my stuff. That doesn't actually help much, but it's a thing. I'm still out most of my money. I figure I'm short about 280k still. I also still don't have leadership of the guild. That belongs to an alt of someone we used to play with back in the day. I tried emailing him about it but his old email address doesn't work anymore. If the hacker hadn't deleted him from my Battle.Net friend list I'd try messaging him there. Oh well, not really a big deal I guess. I still have alts that can invite people to the guild, so there's not really a problem. The guild bank is still gone and makes up 174k of the 280k I'm missing. I'm not sure of Amaranthea has it or not. I'm not sure if the GMs would restore it to him or me or what.

I'm also worried that if I bring attention to my account that Blizzard will ban it again despite not being hacked in what feels like a long time.

Eh, I'll figure that stuff out later I guess. Now that I have my gear back I can at least play the game. Unfortunately I'm stuck on a PvP quest in my PvE quest chain... Why in the world would they do that? I'm sure not geared for PvP so being forced to win 2 battlegrounds with me in them is a pretty hard thing to do. *sigh*

But it does seem like I get to play again... So it's prime time for other people to be coming back to play too! At least in 3 weeks when the expansion hits... Think about it...

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