Friday, October 03, 2014

Clicker Heroes

Possibly the worst thing you could do with a hand injured through repetitive strain would be to start playing one of the browser clicker games. Well, I'm pretty stupid, so I started playing Clicker Heroes as soon as Sthenno posted about it. But I'm not playing with my right hand, so it's actually not such a terrible idea as it could be. It's also a game where playing without clicking seems pretty reasonable. My left hand is starting to get pretty good with a mouse, but it's sure not super fast at clicking, so that's a good thing.

Normally these clicker games have you click to earn something (like a cookie) and then you start spending that something on things that make more somethings. Numbers getting bigger, woo! In this game you click not to generate a resource directly but to do damage to a monster. Do enough damage to the monster and it explodes in a shower of gold. You can spend the gold to make your clicking do more damage or to do passive damage over time. Sure, the end result is you're spending gold to earn more gold but adding that extra step in the middle makes things novel and fun.

I really want there to exist a game that combines something like Progress Quest with Cookie Clicker. This isn't quite there since it's missing random (and I mean RANDOM) loot drops but it's a step in the right direction. Maybe it's a step that will convince me to work on one of my own? I doubt it, but it is something to mull over some more.

I'm enjoying this game, anyway. If you like browser clicker games you should check this one out.

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