Friday, June 13, 2014

WBC Team Tournament

A post went out recently on the WBC Facebook page reminding people that preregistration for the World Boardgaming Championships ends on June 30th. You can't join a team without being preregistered and they were using that fact as a way to prod people to preregister soon. But I'm more concerned about the team tournament itself. The deadline for signing up for that is July 20th so there's still plenty of time for that, but that is what I said around this time last year and we ended up being lazy and missing that deadline...

I went to check out the actual results for last year's team tournament and the first place team scored 22 points. It isn't entirely clear what games we would have chosen if we'd managed to sign up but if we'd gone with the same games as in 2012 (which I was certainly going to do) we would have scored 24 points. If Robb had switched to El Grande as he was musing then it would have been 29 points instead. Last year was our year for sure, but we didn't sign up. Blargh!

Anyway, this year is fast approaching... After taking a year off when my team would have won it only makes sense to join the tournament this time and fail spectacularly, right? Especially now that I can't get my bonus point in Le Havre which I have to pick as my team game again, right? Unless I finally make the switch to crayon rails in order to force myself to play it... Nah!

But I guess the important thing is to see what the interest might be about forming a team or teams. I know more people are driving down from the Toronto area this year, but do any of them want to enter the pretty irrelevant team tournament?

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