Monday, June 02, 2014

Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta

I've recently heard a couple of streamers I watch talk about an upcoming 'event' of sorts called Four Job Fiesta. It basically seems to be a yearly excuse for people to play Final Fantasy V with a bit of structure and some charity fundraising mixed in. They're donating towards Child's Play. Anyway, the idea is you sign up to play by tweeting a message at a specific account and then a bot generates four jobs (one from each crystal) for you. The goal is then to beat Final Fantasy V using only those jobs. There are some other modifiers you can throw in to make things harder like signing up to get a chance at being given extra copies of the berserker job instead of a random one. (Berserkers being annoying and bad!) One of the things they do to raise money is let people pay to assign out even more copies of berserker to people who take the berserker risk.

They're also going to be running a race of sorts between two streamers who will be playing the game using community voted jobs instead of random ones. And by voted I mean paid for through donations. It should be interesting to watch. 11am on June 14th!

I like the idea of using something like this to get more people to play an excellent game. I like that it only happens once a year so it keeps some mystique around it. I like that the guy who runs it crunches some numbers each time to make pretty infographics. Chemist is apparently the best job, berserker is the worst. I like that there's a whole community of people who play FFV each year with crazy jobs. I wish I was a part of such a community.

Maybe this year I will be, now that I know it exists. I'll need to figure out this newfangled Twitter thing, but how hard can that be?

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