Thursday, June 26, 2014

Steam Summer Sale

Apparently someone ran the numbers and found out that 37% of all games bought on Steam go completely unplayed. I suspect a lot of this has to do with the big sales Steam puts on a couple times a year. If a game you might want to play is on sale for a couple of dollars or 90% off how can you say no?

Personally I have 112 games on Steam and have ever played 41 of them. So I'm running at 63% of my games going unplayed. This seems pretty stupid! Only four of the games have over 100 hours played and two of those are free to play games! It feels like I should be playing some of the games I already own and are just sitting around instead of buying more games that go on sale.

And yet... I've already picked up 12 new games so far this sale.

Now, I don't actually need to get over 100 hours out of a game for it to have been a good buy. FFX needed to come in around that mark because I ended up spending over $100 for it, but when World of Goo was less than a dollar I only need like 3 minutes of fun out of it to make it better than going to a movie. So really I can believe that it was a decent gamble. Assuming I ever get around to even trying it, it'll be a great deal. So if I'll end up playing it for an hour even 5% of the time it's probably fine. More so if it ends up being good and I play it for many hours!

Some of those 12 games also came in bundles. I've always wanted to play one of the newer GTA games, especially after watching some speed runs of them, so getting 2 of them in a bundle for under $5 is just fine by me. I'll play one of them at least, and maybe both of them. A lot of my unplayed games actually came in a single huge bundle I bought several years ago. I definitely got my money's worth out of that bundle and if I end up playing more of those games it'll only get better and better.

So yeah... I'm sitting here with lots of unplayed games, but I still can't convince myself that I need to stop getting more games. I do need to play more games, to be fair, but the ones I'm buying are good candidates for that!

There's also this weird 'team mode' thing going on with the summer sale where you get randomly assigned to a team and then the team that scores the most points each day gets some bonus rewards. With 5 teams and 10 days it seemed like each team was going to win twice. The first five days all went to different teams so that all made sense. But the same team won days 6 and 7 and has a huge lead on day 8. So it seems like the teams weren't generated very fairly? It's a little annoying since I'm not on that team! Boo! Hiss!

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