Friday, June 06, 2014

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Infinite Seeds

I hooked my SNES up to my computer in order to see what the image would look like and in order to do some testing off of my old saved game. The image, unfortunately, looks like garbage. I remember reading someplace that the standard connectors are really bad and if you actually want to get an SNES image into a reasonable format for streaming you need to get s-video cables. My capture card has an s-video input so that's all good, but I don't think finding s-video cables is an easy thing to do. I remember asking around at some local vintage game stores and they all looked at me like I was crazy. So just now I did a search and found a seller on Amazon willing to sell one for $2. With a $10 shipping charge, of course. But if it works that's still a steal for me, so I bought one.

While I had the SNES connected I figured I'd try the infinite seeds bug I'd read about in only one place on the internet and which I haven't seen anyone using in a speedrun. I know the current route people use has to buy seeds twice and really pays attention to how many seeds they have left. (Seeds restore maximum spell points to one of your characters.) So I loaded up my game from my marathon and went to the first town that sells seeds. I used all of the seeds I had on me and then bought 0 seeds from the store. It turned my blank seed spot into a seed picture with a 0 on it. I used that icon and it overflowed and gave me 99 seeds in that slot and oddly enough a bunch more seeds in the next slot over. If I ever wanted to use that item I'd be in trouble but since all it does is dispel temporary debuffs I don't think anyone ever uses it.

So... I already have a way to make the current route more efficient. Huzzah!

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