Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Final Fantasy X: Home Stretch

Byung reminded me yesterday that I'm not actually playing FFX on my own console. It's a loaner, so maybe I should pick up the pace a little bit. That was all the prompting I needed to put my nose to the grindstone and finish off catching all the monsters. This unlocked Nemesis who was the hardest fight in the original game. I killed him on my first try. I killed Omega Weapon, the second hardest fight in the original game, without him getting a turn. So, yeah, I'm pretty powerful.

I assumed that power level was going to be enough to kill off the rest of the dark aeons. I was wrong. I started by trying Dark Bahamut because I really want to get Tidus' ultimate weapon. But then Dark Bahamut shattered Yuna and I was no longer able to win. So I needed to build a better suit of armour for her. Ok, fine... Long grind, here I come. I decided to at least try the rest of the dark aeons to figure out what else I'd need to put on the armour. The first one I fought was Dark Ixion, who was trivial, and he actually dropped a ring for Yuna that already had ribbon, break hp limit, and two more slots for customization. Thanks Dark Ixion! You may well have saved me 20 hours of grinding!

The reason it's so important to have armour for Yuna is that most of the dark aeons have limit breaks that are guaranteed wipes. They do max damage and dispel auto-life so there's actually no way to avoid dying to them except to summon an aeon of your own to take the blow for you. It's a pretty silly mechanic, but it is what it is. Theoretically I could use 3 other characters and just tag Yuna in right before they overdrive but in that strategy she still needs to be hasted and have max agility... If I'm doing that then she might as well be one of the people actually fighting, too.

With my new armour in hand (I added on auto-haste and deathproof) I went around and killed off the rest of the dark aeons. Some of them were pretty annoying but ultimately having auto-life/auto-phoenix on my party and summoning in an aeon to take the kill shot was good enough to win. I got punished for not maxing my luck stat and as a result had to spam aim and luck in some of the fights in order to actually hit the enemy. You need to use each one 5 times and dying resets your buff count so some of the fights went rather long. I was never really in danger of running out of aeons so I guess they didn't go long enough for the enemies!

Supposedly there's one more challenge boss that I can access now that I killed all the dark aeons but I didn't see it. I think I only killed Dark Yojimbo 4 times and you're supposed to need to kill him 5 times. I'm not sure where the 5th fight would be, but my next step is to go back there and see if I can figure that out. Then I just need to see if I can kill Penance and then maybe I'll be able to take out Sin. Do you think I'll be strong enough to bring him down?

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