Friday, March 25, 2011

Lich: A Real Problem

I don't have a whole lot of time to play on Wednesday and Thursday (sleep, work, and raiding all get in the way) so I haven't gotten a lot of shots in on Lich yet. Well, really I've only had 1 actual shot at Lich and about 7 deaths trying to get to him. (On top of mobs that paralyze there are mobs that petrify in his rather large dungeon.) I didn't even come close to killing him the one time I made it down to him. He's basically a bigger, badder version of Astos. Like Astos he has almost a 75% chance to cast a spell. His spells are a little tamer than Astos' are, but only slightly. He casts haste, slow, and sleep. He casts 3 of the level 2 damage spells instead of Astos' 2. He has a second sleep spell. And he has hold, which paralyzes me. It's not quite instant death like rub was, but it hits 15% more often. On top of that his melee attacks can paralyze as well. He has 14 more base damage and 7 more hit but 54 less evade. And the minor matter of 232 more hit points.

The one time I made it to him he landed his slow, stun, and both sleeps. I didn't get any crits and only inflicted around 140 damage total. I feel like this fight should be doable at my current level but I will once again probably need to get lucky. I don't really have any avenues to power up, either. If I get all the way to level 39 I get a 4th attack and every level does grant me .5% dodge, 1% magic resist, and .75 damage per swing so I can power up a little bit. Fortunately leveling isn't tedious at this point at all since I have access to the hallway of giants. The annoying part is going to be sailing back to the starting town to buy more potions every so many fights.

I think my current plan is to level up to 28 or 30 and give it another go. The extra avoid and resist from leveling will help survive the paralyze/petrify mobs on the way down as well so maybe I can fight Lich more than 14% of the time that I try to. (For an undead mob to paralyze me he first needs to land a melee attack and then roll equal to or under 100-MR on 0-200 to land the debuff. Theoretically if I went all the way to 50 they'd have less than a 1% chance to paralyze me assuming they even landed the attack in the first place. But if I did that I wouldn't get to cast ninja spells.)

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