Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Marathon

I spent a good chunk of the weekend listening to music from the Final Fantasy games and got a real urge to play most of them again. I figure if I'm playing most of them I might as well play all of them. I never did finish XII or XIII and the other non-NES ones are all pretty great so there's a good reason to play them all again. Some to just watch the story and play around with the mechanics again, but others I want to do something different. Something like playing all white mages in FFI, or only using 3 characters total for the second half of FFVI. (The game forces you to pick up Celes, Edgar, and Setzer. (Who happen to be three of my four favourite characters in the game. Guess who the fourth is for a no-prize!)

But I've already done those. I've killed Sephiroth entirely with morph damage. I don't think I ever actually beat FFV at level 2 (someone saved over my game after 50+ hours of watching the same enemy run away for 1AP) so I might try that but man was that boring. I remember when I was doing that I would actually play three games at once. FFV on the little tv, FFVIII on the big tv, and FFII on an emulator on Josh's pc. I don't think I beat the challenge bosses in FFV either, so I may do that instead. I dodged the stupid 200 lightning bolts to build stupid Lulu's stupid weapon in FFX. I'm pretty sure I found every buried treasure thing in FFIX. I don't want to do the same crazy thing again, that would be silly.

I fell off the daily posting wagon recently. (The first day I missed in over 6 months came because my internet went down for 12+ hours one day and I hadn't posted from work. I went so far as to take my laptop out into the neighbourhood near midnight and plugged it into the electrical outlet outside Starbucks in the hopes I could find a wireless connection nearby but it wasn't to be.) Missing one day pretty much removed the incentive to post, which as you can see resulted in not a lot of anything. I'm still not sure where I want to go as far as content here and whatnot, but the fact I can't remember if I beat FFV at level 2 or not bothers me in a way that isn't even vaguely rational. So my plan is to start posting daily about my exploits playing Final Fantasy games for future me's amusement and we'll see where we end up from there.


Sky said...

I approve of the change. Bridge is fine but I look forward to crazy FF challenge blogging.

Sthenno said...

You did not beat FFV at level 2. I can confirm your game was saved over (not by me!).

When you get to FFX, it turns out its possible to beat not only the game, but the entire challenge arena without using the sphere grid! Of course it is not advisable, since the fight with Shinryu requires extreme luck.

FF is really great, eh?