Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lich is a Big Cheater!

I leveled up to 28 and made it to Lich. He has 400 health according to every FAQ I've been able to find. I'm sure I did well over 500 damage to him and he still didn't die. So I decided to level up some more and came back at level 32. I kept a running total of how much damage I did to him and it was only 457 this time but that still exceeds 400 by quite a bit so I really don't know what's going on here. Do I need to level all the way to 39 to get my fourth attack to be safe? I wish I knew what my actual goal was so I could work out if I needed to level more or just try again and get luckier.


Sky said...

The later copy of Lich has 500 hp. Maybe the health got mislisted? I know he can't have much more than that because I beat him with damage totals in that ballpark.

Maybe he regenerates?

Ziggyny said...

It seems they just randomly buffed him in every subsequent version of the game. He has 400 on the NES, 800 on the PS, and like 1250 on the PSP. It's ludicrous.