Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Fantasy: Plan

First up will be the original Final Fantasy, though I will be playing the Playstation version since my NES doesn't work and frankly I like the ability to buy more than one potion at a time. And the run button! It's not as good as the walk button but then what is? It turned out I have my completed save game from 4 white mages on my old memory card and can start a new game from there if I wanted. I didn't know what would be different so I went to gamefaqs to see what the difference is. Turns out, not much. You can unlock some more pictures if you play a second game on the easy difficulty but I really don't see a reason to want to play on easy. I did, however, see a walkthrough on beating the game with one white mage. It did seem pretty easy with 4 white mages, so maybe 1 white mage would be cool. But why do what that guy did when I can be a little different? There were also guides on doing it with every other class, save thief. I'm naturally drawn to thieves anyway (Locke was the answer to yesterday's bonus question) so I'm going to try playing with but a single thief. It sounded like it was plausible but could require scumming for levels which I am not above doing, I assure you.

I started out yesterday, got my three black mage friends murdered, and started leveling. It turns out a single thief is really abysmally bad at level 1. Also at level 4. I pretty much can only kill goblins without risking death, and each goblin is worth 6 xp each. To get from level 5 to level 6 requires an extra 975 xp, or 163 goblins. Woo? I did just hit level 5 last night before I went to bed so maybe I'll try to kill Garland. If not, 163 more goblins it is!


Sky said...

Holy crap 1 thief is terrible. Even once you become a ninja you are going to be a total pile. I think 1 warrior is actually easier than 4 white mages but any '1 of' fight other than red mage or warrior seems like punching yourself in the groin.

Sthenno said...

You know, I suspected your other favourite character would be Locke, just because Locke is objectively the best character to ever appear in a video game, or story of any kind. That being said, given your propensity for strangeness (e.g. default UI) I couldn't be certain.