Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8-Bit Theater

Before I'd decided to run the solo thief I'd actually started a game up with a normal sized party. I used a party based on the webcomic 8-Bit Theater which is the best serial webcomic I've ever seen. (It loosely follows the plot of Final Fantasy and has finished. Go read it if you haven't. Read it again if you have!) The party featured in the comic is Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, and Black Mage but I got to name the characters in my game party. Now, these characters are taken to some real extremes so it's hard to match characters up to people I know exactly, but I was pretty happy with my overall choices. Can you guess who is who?

In order left to right above: Andrew, Bung, Sky, and Nick

1 comment:

Sky said...

Crud, I read the bottom of your message before the top and didn't get to guess. If I knew I was one of the people though I sure would have picked me as the Red Mage.