Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ding-Dong! The Lich Is Dead!

It took 8 tries last night but I finally killed Lich. He killed me 4 times and his trash killed me 3 times but the 8th time I got him. The crazy thing is the 4 times he killed me he landed a slow at about half health and then I got to fight for a long time before he finally killed me. On the kill he didn't even get to cast slow. Several crits in a row coupled with him melee attacking (and failing to paralyze) did him in. (In retrospect it turns out I was using the wrong weapon against Lich the whole time and should have had 3 more damage and 40 more hit against him. That hit would be just for chance to hit and not extra swings, I think, so not a huge deal but every bit counts!)

So, now what? I need to level to 50, become a ninja, gather all the gear I want, and kill a bunch of bosses. Ninja is the first step I think since I need to do that before I hit level 43 if I want all my spell charges. I may need to gear up a little to pull that off so I should also look for easily obtainable treasure chests containing useful stuff. In particular, stuff I may need/want:

Katana - Floating Castle
Light Axe - Sea Shrine
Heal Rod - Castle of Ordeals
Mage Rod - Sea Shrine
Defense Sword - Waterfall
Thor Hammer - Mirage Tower
Masamune - Temple of the Past
Opal Bracelet - Sea Shrine
Black Robe - Floating Castle
Flame Shield - Volcano
Ice Shield - Ice Cavern
Ribbon - Waterfall OR Sea Shrine OR Floating Castle
Heal Helm - Mirage Tower OR Floating Castle
Zeus Gauntlet - Castle of Ordeals
Power Gauntlet - Sea Shrine
ProRing - Floating Castle OR Gaia

In order to change into a Ninja I need to do the Ice Cavern to get the airship and I need to do the Castle of Ordeals to get the tail. Mirage Tower, Sea Shrine, and Floating Castle all require the airship to access. I really want a ribbon so I think my plan is going to be head for the Waterfall, the Ice Cavern, and then the Castle of Ordeals. Then I'll kill some fiends by doing Sea Shrine, Mirage Tower, and Floating Castle. I'll stop to level if things get tough but I have a feeling once I get a ribbon and a proring that I'll be ok. I will have to make sure I don't level off of any of the dungeon bosses though (I am still scumming, after all) so I may just level to 50 after I become a ninja to be safe.


Sthenno said...

Are you still limited to carrying four weapons and four armor in Origins?

I remember in the GBA version they had an item list.

Ziggyny said...

No, I have access to my entire bag when I use the item command. I don't remember if multiple people can 'use' the same item in a round or not. (Moot because I have 1 person.) But I don't need to pick and choose which 'on use' items to have. I probably won't use any of the damage spell items but I figure it can't hurt to scoop them up just in case.