Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Done With Blood Bowl?

Lately I've been finding myself getting more and more frustrated with playing Blood Bowl on FumBBL. Scheduling league games has always been a little tricky but lately it's felt a lot like pulling teeth. I mean, I'm at my computer for 16 hours a day and can play at any point in time when I'm awake. You'd think it would be easy to get the other person to pick a time and stick with it. But no, people won't pick a time. Or if they do they won't show up on time. And I have problems when I want to be asleep during the evenings because two of my three leagues use the evening as the primary time to play.

It's also getting pretty old having people complain about having to play me. Apparently I lucked into an overpowered race in my primary league or something, but there's no end of people complaining about it to me. It's one thing to have people complain about their dice when they've been significantly above expected value. It's another to have people not want to play me at all, and not being quiet about it. My opponent today was complaining about how skilled my bull centaurs are. I don't know what he wanted me to do about it? Retire my good players to make things more even?

I do think the league has an issue with teams spiraling out of control on the power curve compared to new teams. And as people leave the league new people have to come in with fresh teams. Fresh teams with no boost in power in any way. And often without a good choice of what team they can play because the league has weird racial restrictions. My first team in the league had to be a 7 AV team! Those Amazons got destroyed and that let me draft the race I wanted from the small pool of options the next time around. A Chaos Dwarf team had just quit, so that's what I went with. Anyway, the league has a salary cap to ostensibly keep powerful teams down but if anything it just serves to create obscene teams. I could cut down to 1430 TV pretty easily by fielding a team with one brutal killer, one awesome ball carrier, and rookies the rest of the way. That team would really ruin new teams! They wouldn't get large inducements and I'd skill up my blockers in a few games.

So maybe the people complaining really do just want my whole team to retire. There's really no other option to give new teams a good chance against my team regardless of what TV I'm forced to cut to.

Anyway... If most of the people in the league don't want to play with me, and if I'm getting annoyed by scheduling concerns, maybe I just shouldn't play anymore. This season is almost over so I'll stick it out to try to win a third championship in a row, but after that I think I'm done. There are plenty of other games for me to play, after all, that don't involve getting yelled at or screwing with my sleep schedule.


Robb Effinger said...

Although I totally agree with the annoyance of scheduling, and with people complaining.
But I think it means that we should just get our own bb league going again...

Nick Page said...

Eh, plenty of people complained about my teams in those leagues too.