Wednesday, October 16, 2013

League of Legends: Season 3 Ending

The end date for League of Legends' season 3 is October 31st. So there's about 2 weeks left to level up in order to earn the end of season rewards. Silver is worth a ward skin. Gold is worth an Elise skin (and the Elise champion if you don't have her already). On top of that, each tier is worth a different coloured banner for the loading screen.

Looking at things I'm currently gold I in solo queue, silver IV in 3s, and bronze I in 5s. I feel like we were in silver in 5s also, but since we haven't played a game with any of our teams since before WBC they've all gotten degraded down. I don't know that I really care about the 3s or 5s banners. I'd like to have them as high as possible, of course, but I'd want that to happen because I was actively playing them. That hasn't been the case, so having them be low isn't that big a deal.

The solo queue one, on the other hand, I might well be able to get going. For the last couple months I've been bouncing around in the 20-60 LP range, but in the last few days I've been playing a lot more and went on a bit of a winning streak where I've been able to play a lot of Renekton. I got up to 94 LP and won for +3. I've been here before, back in silver I, and was sad. At that time it was still possible to get 0 points for a win and I got up to 99 and got the 0 point win and got really bitter. This time I lost at 97 and went back down to 94. Won and back up to 97. Won again and got to 100! Woo! Promotion series time!

I've played one game in the series and it featured the guy picking 4th who spammed the team chat with "ONLY TOP", "BAN RENEKTON", "TOP OR FEED" until we gave in and said he could have what he wanted. He then proceeded to yell at each person on the team for every mistake made for the entire game. (Who knew that someone making all caps demands in champion select would end up so toxic?) We still almost won, but I know I played worse because of all the yelling and it was probably the difference in this particular game. Getting yelled at for doing no damage on a mid game Tristana is a little silly, I think, since she's not very good mid game. I was blowing people up late, but I didn't cleanse in the last fight that we lost because I wasn't thinking straight and it may well have been all the difference. I was so flustered I had to walk away and watch TV for a while instead of keeping on trying.

Will I win 3 of 4? Will I get promoted out of gold in the next two weeks? Stay tuned to find out...

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