Friday, October 04, 2013

Boardgame Trivia

Toronto has what feels like a really large number of places to go and play board games. Stores, cafes, schools, my apartment... But actually getting out to these places is a bit of a problem. I have to really psyche myself up to go on an adventure so it doesn't happen very often. Sara recently got me to join Meetup where all sorts of events get posted. There's an event coming up this weekend that seemed like it could be fun, and was at a place I have yet to check out, so I figured I'd sign up and show up.

The event in question is a trivia night at the Go Lounge, a board game cafe out at the west end of Toronto. The theme is board games... I'm not sure if I really know enough random trivia about board games to do well, but I want to find out! The event description mentions that people are expected to buy food and drink, but the website menu only listed beer. Considering what most places have for sale, I worry there won't be anything I can eat. So maybe I'll end up being the super cheap person in the group and feel bad. I'll have an extra ginger ale or something maybe. Or maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have something good I can eat! One can hope.

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