Friday, October 18, 2013

CastleCon 2013

This weekend is CastleCon, a little board game convention held out in Oshawa. I went last year for 2 days and we drove in each day. It's not very far away so that wasn't so bad, but the 4 of us who went in the car have very different ideas of the right times to be asleep and I live far away so coordinating the drives wasn't the best. This year Sara and Duncan are getting a hotel room and I will be bringing my air mattress to crash on the floor. So if Sara wants to wake up at some stupid early hour like 6am or 10am or whatever she's welcome to do so, and I can sleep in until 4pm! Woo!

I did have to wake up early today in order to be ready for the ride in. Who knows what that will do to my sleep schedule (or lack thereof). On the plus side there will be lots and lots of games played. GAAAAAAAMES!

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