Monday, May 06, 2013

Unemployed. Woo?

Today marked my last day on the job. I'm a creature of habit and routine so no longer needing to wake up every morning to get on the subway is going to be quite a change, but hopefully my (temporary?) 'retirement' will work out for the best. I know a wide variety of people who expressed some level of interest in an update on this matter, and it'll have some impact on the blog going forward, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to post about.

First of all, I will now have even more time to play games! I have so many games I want to play and haven't had nearly enough time to play them all. I still won't, but it'll be closer!

Playing off of that, I hope to now be able to spend more time out playing games with people. I feel like I have a limit to how much time I can spend around people without getting stressed out, and work took up most/all of that limit. Not having to ride public transit for a couple hours a day and spend 8 hours in an office building should be a big help. On the flip side, I suspect I could easily turn into a hermit if left to my own devices and that's probably not a good thing either. So, more games with real people! Woo!

I feel like I have a very high level of 'sleep inertia'. I hate going to sleep, and I hate waking up. So the plan, at least to start, is to not set alarms anymore and just get up when I wake up. I expect this will screw with blog timings, but I refuse to let that get in my way. As I said, I am a creature of routine, and I need the regularity of daily blog posts. But with my 'days' going to end up in a weird spot with odd sleep schedules things may get wonky. So I've decided that if I end up getting a post for a day up at 3am 'the next day' that it's ok. I'll backdate it to 11:55 on the right day and not think twice about it. I'll get 7 posts up each week, spaced out to be pretty much one per day, and with a SNES post on Saturday.

Some people may be worried about where this will lead. As Pounder will say, I don't exactly have good life skills. I joke with my sister that I'm going to become a hobo and live in a box. But that's not actually going to happen. I should be eligible for EI, but even without it I have enough money saved up that I can live as is for quite some time. I may look into finding a cheaper place to live (no need to pay a premium to live at a subway station when I don't go anywhere) but I'm here until at least the end of July thanks to Ontario rental laws. So plenty of time to figure things out in that regard! And I have a ton of confidence that I can find a job if/when I need to. I haven't neglected myself to death yet, and I don't plan on starting now!

I hope to use this time to find a doctor and really figure out what is going on with this gluten junk. Stupid glutenses. I also plan to actually exercise since I keep reading everywhere that it makes you feel better. My initial idea is to get an exercise bike and ride it while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I would like to start playing badminton or tennis again, but I am so abysmally out of shape that just doing something aerobic first is probably a good idea. Maybe I'll even finally get around to taking some sort of dance class? That may be too ambitious.

So... Games? Games??? Games! Send me an email or something and let's play some games!

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