Friday, May 31, 2013

More FTL

Yesterday I bought a new game on Steam (DMC, which was on sale) and this morning I wanted to play it, but it hadn't downloaded. I looked at my list of Steam games and decided to give FTL another kick at the can. I played a game with the Engi ship in an attempt to unlock some achievements. There's an achievement for stunning 4 of the enemy systems at once (the Engi ship starts with a weapon that can stun a system, but it can only keep two systems stunned at a time) and the first store I went to had another copy of my starting weapon for sale. Do it up! I played for a bit after that and sunk pretty much all my experience into weapon power in order to get them both running at once. Eventually I had enough power to use them both and got the achievement pretty easily. Woo!

I kept playing, of course, and it turns out having two copies of that weapon is actually pretty awesome. It let me stun down the shields of an enemy pretty much no matter how many shields it had, letting my other weapons start doing damage and shutting down real systems like guns. It worked so well I actually took no damage at all during a particularly hard fight near the end of the game! And then I won! Woo!

I don't know if it was winning that did it, or the achievement, but now I have a couple more ship types I can play. On the one hand I've beaten the game so maybe I'm done with it? But the game is fun, and now I can play a slightly different variant by having a new starting ship. And there are more crazy achievements to earn. DMC is downloaded now, but I think I'm going to start a new FTL game instead.

In an odd coincidence Jeff sent me a message this afternoon asking about FTL. It turns out FTL is also on sale this weekend and he wanted to know if I'd played it and what I thought about it. Looking at the store now it's only $5 this weekend and I think it's definitely worth that much. I've played it for about 12 hours so far, and am going to keep playing. Robb has almost topped the 100 hour mark! I'd say 5 cents an hour is a pretty good price to pay for a game. If you like leveling up, tactical combat, crazy achievements, and space you should give this one a try.

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