Monday, May 13, 2013

Actual Heroes VI

Three days after submitting a ticket to Ubisoft with regards to my Might and Magic: Heroes VI issue where they sold me a non-functional game they got back to me. The ticket contained no useful information, and basically just told me that they made some changes on the back end and I should try again. It turns out they did fix some things on the back end and the content I should own has been unlocked. Frustrating that it took a few days to get my old game working but I guess it's a good thing that it works now.

I started up the campaign and managed to lose the first tutorial mission in an hour and a half. I'd set it to hard difficulty despite not having played a version of the game in a dozen years and paid the price. It turns out when you have a limited number of units it really hurts to lose some early. Those early losses get compounded over and over again as it takes too long to win every future fight which lets the enemies kill even more dudes. I immediately had to restart and try again. This time went much better now that I knew where the unit pickups were so I got all my spare orcs before doing the midboss fight which cost me all my archers the first time around.

Then I went into the second mission and had the game crash on me. *sigh*

I had a couple people comment on my first post that I should just go buy Heroes III instead of worrying about getting Heroes VI working. That may well have been the better idea. I'm not blown away by the upgraded graphics in VI and I don't like when my games crash randomly. I wonder if VI has a good auto-save feature or if I'm stuck restarting the mission. I wasn't very far in, so it won't be a big loss, but if the game often crashes I'd need to start saving a lot and that just sounds annoying.


Sky Roy said...

I own Heroes 5 if you want it... I would just have to dig it up.

I bet you can buy HOMM3 for just a couple bucks now though.

Anonymous said...

GoG has all the old heroes games, including the heroes chronicles series, which I was a big fan of. Heroes 3 is $10 regular price ( but goes on sale for $4 or $5 a few times a year.

Anonymous said...

I should add that the GoG versions are updated and maintained to make them work on newer versions of windows (via DOS Box, which is included in every download). I have HOMMIII on DVD that came with my HOMMV Deluxe edition, but it crashes all the time on Win7. I picked it up from GoG around the holidays for a couple of bucks and it worked perfectly every time.

Anonymous said...

I also use GoG -- and also rebought III after playing the terrible VI. V is fine too, actually. Anything but VI. It was done by a different studio that doesn't seem to understand what made heroes good. That was my take.