Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Final Fantasy VIII: Intro Video

My Kobo recently got itself stuck in a frozen state. I'm pretty sure the fix is as easy as finding a thin pin and hitting the hidden reset button on the back, but I'm lazy and haven't gotten around to it. I spent the last couple days on the bus reading an actual book Andrew lent me but I finished that off yesterday. I could have started rereading a different book I have, or actually fix my Kobo, but I decided what I really wanted to do on the bus was play Final Fantasy VIII. So, today, I started it up.

I posted a couple times about the full motion video cutscenes in Final Fantasy VII. I remember not being very impressed by them when I played the game back in the day, but was blown away this time around. I mused that maybe the reason for that is I initially played FFVII after watching many people play FFVIII and the videos probably weren't nearly as visually refined. Well, the first thing I was treated to on the bus today definitely points in that direction...

Now, the actual stuff going on in the video isn't epic in and of itself. You've got a woman wandering around in a field. You've got a couple of dudes sparring with swords. You get some brief flashes of a regal woman. There are some words floating around. But the detail in the scenes is amazingly crisp. The music is incredible. There are nice little touches, like when Seifer (one of the sparring dudes) pulls out the old 'bring it' hand motion. It later goes to show that Seifer fights dirty, and then there's actual blood spatter when Squall (the other sparring dude) gets cut open.

This intro video is awesome. I hope the rest of the FMVs are as high quality as this one!

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