Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pro Golf Email Tournament

The Boardgame Players Association (the organization that puts on the World Boardgaming Championships each year) also runs some online tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are worth laurels towards the annual Caesar award and look like they have plaques associated with them. Plus they're an excuse to get organized board games played, which is always pretty sweet.

There's a play by email event starting on Monday (April 1st) for the game Pro Golf. Pro Golf is one of the late night 'silly' games played at WBC, but it's one I haven't played. The description of the game didn't really make it sound terribly interesting and as a C class event there isn't even a demo to attend to see if I'd like playing it or not. I would need to show up and get taught during the game, and it's just never hit the top of my priority list. Chances are pretty good that either I'm playing in an overlapping event or that none of Robb, Pounder, or I are and we'd just eat waffles or open game instead. (Oof. Waffle House. I wonder if I should even eat there now.) But even if a game isn't really very good it deserves to be played at least once. This seems like a good chance to learn the game, and maybe it'll be a good time.

I read through the rules, and it really sounds like a golf themed snakes and ladders. Roll 2d6, look up the result on a chart. Repeat 70-80 times. It sounds like some of the time you get to make a decision in terms of what type of shot you're going to take but it isn't clear how often that comes up. That said, I may be missing something key here, which is why it's good to play everything once! It also doesn't sound like it would take a terribly long time, and it would let me learn a new online game framwork (ACTS, whatever that is), so it seems like a reasonable thing to do. You do need to be a BPA member to play.

The potential to collect more laurels can't hurt, either... It's a number to make bigger, and we all know how I feel about those!


David Nicholson said...

I used to play-by-email Titan on ACTS and found the framework quite good.

Robb said...

So you're saying we should get a game going, Dave?

lmdemasi said...

Did somebody say PBE Titan?