Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pandaren Ambassador Progress

I'm 22 days into my presumed 41 day grind to Pandaren Ambassador. I must say, I'm getting pretty tired with doing dailies. I think it might be best for my sanity to cut back on some of the less needed dailies for a bit... But to do that I need to work out actual ETAs at this point. Hopefully using new information about rep per day since some of the numbers from before seemed a bit off. (Revered with golden lotus took 2 weeks instead of 6 days, for example.)

Lorewalkers - DONE
Tushui - DONE
Tillers - DONE
Cloud Serpent - DONE
Anglers - Need 4688 more rep, get ~1650 per day, exalted in 3 days
Golden Lotus - Need 6168 more rep, get ~1760 per day, exalted in 4 days
Klaxxi - Need 6217 more rep, get ~1700 per day, exalted in 4 days
August Celestials - Need 27975 more rep, and I honestly still don't know how this works. Some days I have 1 quest hub to do. Some I have 2. With 1 hub I get 1210 rep per day which is exalted in 24 days. Possibly half that if I keep getting 2 hubs per day.

Shado-Pan - Need 24642 more rep, 1430 more from quests, 825 per day, exalted in 29 days

Shado-Pan looks to be the only rep that matters. I can take 3 weeks off of most of them (maybe just do them on the weekend or something) and still get done before Shado-Pan. Also, it's going to take more than 41 days! Losing 8 days off of golden lotus due to whatever changed there is a killer. I still have a month to go... Maybe I should just abort entirely.


lmdemasi said...

Never give up. Never surrender.

Sky said...

You seem pretty close to easymode now. In four days you get to drop your grind down to just two reps each day - at that point it isn't so bad. Granted I have pretty much completely stopped doing dailies now but I have no hope of getting that achievement, so YMMV.