Monday, October 22, 2012

CastleCon Recap

So I managed to actually wake up early (with some help from Duncan calling my phone) both Saturday and Sunday and head out to CastleCon. Overall it was a pretty fun time. There wasn't anything terribly exciting about it but sometimes getting 40+ people in a room to play board games for 15 hours is all you need!

I ended up getting 3 new games for my collection that obviously needs more games. I got the Glory To Rome reprint. I got the new Netrunner box. And I picked up a used copy of Circus Maximus from the silent auction. Maybe I'll learn the game and be able to play at WBC next year!

I also actually played a bunch of games, some new to me, some old. I believe I played Dungeon Lords, Castle of Burgundy, Eminent Domain, Ora et Labora, Battlestar Galactica, Stone Age: Style is the Goal, Glory To Rome, Dominion, Milestones, and Trigger. By my count I played games with 15 different people. Saturday was great in that it seemed like I never had to make decisions about what to play. People kept coming up and asking if I wanted to play game X. SURE! Game it up! At parts of Sunday we ended up with a bunch of people milling around who all wanted to play games but with no one who wanted to actually pick a game. I know the solution there is to just pick something, have people sit with me, and let the rest sort it out on their own but that's not really something I'm good at doing. And it makes me uncomfortable. Eventually games got started and it got better though!

Overall, a good time and I'm glad I went. And I'm super psyched to play the new NetRunner at some point!

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Caspur said...

I've been thinking about picking up the new netrunner too. Let me know if it's any good.