Monday, October 01, 2012

League of Legends: Season 2 Rewards

The second season of League of Legends is coming to a close soon and they've announced some ELO based rewards that are going out based on solo-queue, 5-man ranked team, and 3-man ranked team ratings.  October 23rd is the cut-off. What's particularly interesting is they switched from using your current rating as the qualifier to using your maximum rating as the qualifier. So if you get into a reward bracket and then lose a few games you don't lose your previous reward.

I don't know how relevant most of the rewards are but one of them, for getting gold, is a Janna skin. This should also give the champion to those (like me) who don't own her. The cut-off for gold is 1500 for solo queue and 1450 for the teams. My ratings around when the announcement went out were 1380 solo, 1409 for 3-man teams, and 1260 for 5-man teams. Close, but with only a month to go and Mists of Pandaria coming out... Not actually much time at all.

I ended up playing a lot of games the weekend before Mists came out and went on a bit of a tear. 7 straight wins and 11 of 12 was worth 126 rating and just in over 1500. Woo! I feel like I got lucky with a streak of good teammates that weren't big on sniping each other but I'll take it. So I'm good to get my free Janna. Now the question is... Can I get up to the next tier of solo queue rewards? Can I get the team ones up to gold? I think it's just a graphical advantage for doing it but apparently there's a reason to get gold in all 3.

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