Wednesday, October 24, 2012

League of Legends: Jayce Boot Choice

I played two ranked team games last night as ADC Jayce. One game I tried maxing my attack speed buff first, the other I ignored it completely. It seemed to work out pretty well in both cases. The first time Adam was playing Taric so I figured having a bursty auto-attack buff would be useful during stuns. It was, and I got a bit of an early lead. After I bought an early bloodthirster my W was set up to deal ~250 damage per shot with 3 shots in a second. That's some amount of burst! The other game Adam was playing Soraka so I figured I'd go for a pokey plan and use his infinite mana to poke them a bunch with my Q and E. I died a few times early (I may have wandered into a bush or two filled with enemies) but I did ultimately stop sucking and get back to even.

Both games I bought the attack speed boots and both times I found myself wondering if that was the right idea. Attack speed boots don't help the Q+E poke plan. They don't help the max W plan. Sure, they contribute to random potshots during extended fights but those actually didn't come up all that often I don't think. Late game I could see it helping if I get to stand around and turret for a while but since my team doesn't believe in a 'protect the ADC' plan that doesn't really happen all that often.

Alternatively I could get some sort of defensive boots (this may be a good idea since I like to pop into melee mode and dive onto the enemy ADC) but my real thinking was that some cooldown reduction boots could be very useful. With the Q+E poke plan they seem particularly good since the only reason to put more points into E is to lower the cooldown for more frequent pokes. Cooldown reduction boots do that too! With the W plan it might even be possible that lowering the cooldown of my max W results in more autoattacks per fight than the attack speed boots. I could even go for more movement speed! Jayce is actually pretty slow (310 base speed which puts him ahead of Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Tristana, Graves, Draven, Ezreal, Twitch, and Vayne. The same as Sivir, Varus, and Urgot. And slower than no ADCs.) Ok, maybe he actually isn't very slow after all. Most of the junglers and top laners look to be faster than Jayce but I guess no one in the bottom lane is. Miss Fortune with her passive is for sure, but Jayce has a couple run speed boots of his own.

At typical attack speed breakpoints of .8, 1, and 1.2 what is the comparison on my W between attack speed boots and cooldown reduction boots?

With an attack speed of .8 without boots you'd be looking at an attack speed of .965 with boots. Over the course of 6 seconds (the cooldown of hypercharge) you'd be looking at doing 3 attacks for 1.3x damage during the first second and then 4.825 attacks over the remaining 5 seconds. With latency and whatnot I'd suspect there'd actually be a cycle of around 6.5 seconds with 5 normal attacks and 3 super attacks for a total of 8.9 attacks worth of damage per 6.5 seconds or 1.369 attacks per second.

Cooldown reduction boots would instead have a 5.1 second cooldown on W but an attack speed of .8. Over those 5.1 seconds you'd again have 3 attacks for 1.3x damage during the first second and then 3.28 attacks over the remaining 4.1 seconds. Fudging a bit again you probably don't get a fourth attack off at all but may spam the button sooner as a result? You're probably looking at 6.9 attacks worth of damage per 5.5 seconds or 1.255 attacks per second.

With a normal attack speed of 1 instead... You'd have 1.165 with boots. So probably 9.9 attacks worth of damage per 6.5 seconds or 1.523 attacks per second. Cooldown boots would instead have 7.9 attacks per 5.5 seconds or 1.436 attacks per second.

With a normal attack speed of 1.2 you'd have 1.365 with boots. So probably 10.9 attacks worth of damage per 6.7 seconds or 1.627 attacks per second. Cooldown boots would have 8.9 attacks per 5.5 seconds or 1.618 attacks per second.

Ok, attack speed boots are better when turreting a single target though with the amount of rounding I'm doing it's pretty close. And as you get more attack speed from other sources the gap closes. Considering the number of other abilities Jayce has to spam (he has 7 total) I wouldn't be surprised to find his overall damage goes up a fair bit with cooldown reduction boots instead of attack speed boots. Certainly the next time I build a pokey build I'm going to try cooldown boots to see how it works out!

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