Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World of Warcraft: Making Moneys

One of the things I left behind when I stopped playing World of Warcraft was three alts filled with every glyph in the game. I used to use a series of add-ons to track how many of each I had and to sell them quickly and automatically for the right price based on the current items up for sale. If things got too cheap it just wouldn't list them. I made a small fortune this way back in the day (smaller than I thought, though... I seem to be missing some money or I'm misremembering what I had...) and figured I should get that engine rolling again.

A new expansion patch comes with is LUA changes which destroy existing mods at the best of times. When you haven't played in an year and a half and are on a new computer all bets are off. I tried to find the mods I used to use and they were all out of date. Then it turns out they'd pretty much all been combined/replaced by a single collection of mods: TradeSkillMaster! Apparently at one point Blizzard opened up the auction house UI to the general public (likely because of the mobile phone app) so you don't even need to waster time scanning the AH anymore. You can run an external program to download and parse the file and store it where TSM can pick it up. It seems to have broken in the patch but they claim to be fixing it. I think it sounds pretty sweet.

At any rate I finally got all my stuff configured and started posting glyphs on one of my alts. I hadn't even finished posting them all when one sold for 140G. I don't know if this is a good price or not but since all these things are just laying around I figure it has to be worth liquidating at this point, right?

They've added some new glyphs to the trainer (including a bunch of monk ones) so I figured I should get milling and make them so I have a full stock. And maybe in doing so I'd learn a bit about the actual cost of these things so I can tweak my values. I went to the ink vendor and it turns out the conversion is now solely with the new Mists ink. Which you can't get for a month. Which means I need to buy all the different types of herbs... I must say, it's tempting to level a new character with herbalism to deal with this sudden need.

Anyway, I'm going to spend a couple days getting this money engine back up and running properly and then look towards seeing what might be worth buying and/or selling in the next month to deal with Mists launching.

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