Thursday, August 16, 2012

League of Legends: Revisiting Positional Stats

Four months ago I stumbled across a now defunct statistics site for League of Legends and took a look at how I'd been doing with each of the different roles. The site was pulling data from my summoner profile in game and therefore couldn't get any deeper information than the bare minimum at a champion level. It was lumping champions into some somewhat silly buckets and didn't have any better way to solve the problem.

I've recently started using EloBUFF thanks to the one month trial that came with the MLG summer arena. I'm not sure if they've worked with Riot to get stats pushed out or if they're just pulling stats constantly but they seem to be archiving a ton of stats. Instead of just knowing what my record with a champion is they have access to the items I built in every game and the summoner spells used. From there they can estimate with a good degree of accuracy what role I'm actually playing and categorize my records accordingly. Until I signed up it seemed to have sporadic information about me (likely only games including another player registered with the site) but for the last couple weeks it has full information.

RoleOld SplitOld win %New SplitNew win %
AP Carry20%50%9%60%
AD Carry13%39%41%50%

Removing jungler from the equation because both sites double count them as tanks I believe these are my stats for the games before mid April and the games in the last month. There are a couple big shifts... Due to the preferences of the people I most often queue with I've been forced into playing my previous worst role. I've been playing AD carry at more than three times my old frequency and it would seem extra practice actually does mean better results. On the flip side my top lane has gone way down. The goals of the matchmaking system are to put you around 50% win rate so I guess it only makes sense that gains in one area are going to come with losses elsewhere.

EloBUFF also has an interesting page where it lets you compare how well you do with other people. I'm under 43% recently in my games with Robb, for example, but up over 66% with Adam. I blame the post-WBC hangover since we hadn't played at all in 10 days!

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