Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Good To Be The King

A little over 7 months ago Blizzard implemented a new feature making it very easy for an absent guild leader to get deposed. If the guild leader hadn't logged on in a month then anyone of the highest rank which had logged in within that month would get a button they could press to become the new guild leader. I thought this was a terrible feature at the time, Sky thought it was fine. My concern when it came to Ogg Gulnath Tago was that there wasn't a good reason for anyone to want to take it over since we were completely defunct. Missing the guild leader wasn't inconveniencing anyone since practically everyone had quit! What it would do is potentially allow someone to walk off with all the stuff in the guild bank or to sell off our reputation. (Vek'Nilash is a small and terrible server but at one point we were the top raiding guild and at another point we were one of the top 10-man strict guilds in the world.) Plus the name is awesome.

I don't know how many people did make use of it but I know at least a couple did. I have no clue what used to be in the guild bank but it's still chock full of junk and has a small fortune (almost as much as my account has) so I don't think anyone did anything untoward with it when they were guild leader. Of course the first thing I did when I logged on was push the button myself. Mwahaha! Bow before me, puny mortals!

Of course, now that I am guild leader I don't have a clue what to do. The guild bank is full of stuff that was of questionable usefulness back at Cata launch. I can't imagine much of has any value now. What am I supposed to do with more than a thousand cups of coffee? Stacks of soon to be obsolete enchant scrolls? I don't even know what I could possibly spend my own 270k on, what would I do with an extra 250k from the guild bank? I'm thinking I should give my AH mod a few days to get a rough idea of item valuations and then sell everything I can possibly get money for.

One thing I can do is turn the guild tabard pink! Next time Recolada gets back to Stormwind I'm going to make that happen.

Then there's all sorts of roster related things to do... I doubt we'll be raiding in MoP so do we still want or need 'raider' related ranks? Should people get booted? (I really don't think anyone should get junked until after Mists comes out in case people reactivate for it for sure.) Should we actively recruit new people? Should we be willing to recruit people who independently want to join?

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