Friday, August 10, 2012

Go4LoL Cup Details

Ok, I got a few responses to my post earlier this week about potentially playing in the Go4LoL event on Sunday. I believe we have 4 of the 5 needed people and Robb is searching for more. There were a fair number of questions raised by people last night and I realize now that my initial post was a little lacking in specifics. I blame falling asleep in the middle of writing it. So, here are some clarifications...

There is an event held every Sunday. As far as I know each event is completely separate from the previous ones. As such, we're not looking for a commitment every single week or anything of the sort. If we miss a week, we miss a week and it isn't crippling for future weeks. (There's apparently a monthly championship thing with invites based on weekly results? I imagine that's only for people who win.)

As another consequence rosters don't need to be fixed week over week either. It seems like you can have any number of people on your team and there's no problem as long as all 5 of the people actually playing in a given week are on the team. I don't know if you need to keep the same 5 people each game and I figure I'll worry about that if we ever get to the point where we're a threat to win multiple rounds.

Check in starts at 2:15pm. Before we can sign up we need 5 people to join the team and to register a LoL summoner name on their account. The password is bacon. I figure for now I'll just be sure to be up and online by 2pm to sign up and such assuming at least 4 other people are around. And if we have more than 5 we'll draw straws or something to see who doesn't play. I'm not eager to get into a WoW raid leader situation where I have to bench people and whatnot but if that's the price that needs to be paid to get started, so be it!

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