Thursday, August 23, 2012

MLG Summer Championship

This weekend brings the return of a couple recurring events in my life... Fan eXpo is this weekend in downtown Toronto and the MLG season championship is being held in Raleigh (but is being streamed online so I can watch it in the comfort of my home). Having them both happen at the same time is a little annoying because realistically I can only be involved with one of them. There are pros and cons each way but I can't lie... A deciding factor for which I'm going to do is the need to put on pants. It also doesn't help that Fan eXpo is so soon after WBC and I'm still a little people'd out. And I don't have a free pass this year while I do have access to MLG.

League of Legends is being featured once again which makes me happy. StarCraft II is as well, and Day[9] will be casting, which makes me happy. I hope MarineKing shows up this time! Still no first person shooter event which is a little surprising but I don't really care all that much. Only two fighting games instead of three. I wonder what King of Fighters did to warrant exclusion this time around. I may flip over to the fighters at some point over the weekend but my main focus is certainly going to be LoL and then SC2.

Apparently they're giving away some HD streams as a bit of a preshow starting at 1:30pm on Friday. It may be worth checking out? All weekend most of the streams will be free in standard definition as well. Don't miss out!

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