Thursday, May 10, 2012

Through The Ages League

I've been playing a fair bit of Through The Ages online recently but only just bothered to really check out their message boards. (I posted once when I first started playing to get a bug fixed but didn't bother reading anything else.) It turns out they're constantly running a league for each of 2, 3, and 4 player games. When one season finished the next one starts up and it turns out the last season of the 2 player league just ended. They run their leagues sort of like European football runs their leagues with people getting promoted or relegated between the different tiers of leagues based on their previous results. All new players get lumped into a starter league which is where I'll be playing. Hopefully I can string together some wins and get a good promotion in a month and a half!

The reason I mention this is I suspect a few of the people who read this might be interested in signing up as well. The interface on the site for playing the game is pretty smooth and the game itself is well suited for asynchronous play so it's really worth checking out if you like the game. All they ask for a commitment to the league is that you're willing to log in pretty much once per day to make a move. Sign-ups are open until May 16th. I'd think it's worth signing up even if you think you'll lose a lot to at least get out into a tier. I wish I'd known about these and had signed up when I first started playing!

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