Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Warriors of Rock: 2112!

After completing a hero's song set in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock their ability gets super powered. I've replayed a couple of their songs with the super ability just to play around with scoring obscene points on a level but fortunately the abilities don't carry over when you start in on a new hero's songs. (Being overpowered is fun for a while but it would detract from the game as a whole if it was always the case.) I did start wondering about how combining them could work as a big event. Clearly the game was building towards something since I was playing 'quest mode' and there was an intro with a legendary 'guitar in the stone' hidden in a cave somewhere.

Well, after picking up my 4th hero (conveniently the number of people in a video game band) I unlocked the guitar stage. I really should have picked up on the hints as to what this was going to be. (Especially since the upcoming song was featured in Ready Player One... I should really reread that book again and make note of all the things I don't understand so I can play/watch/listen to them!) Guitar hidden in a cave with world changing impact? Must be 2112 by Rush! Featuring extra commentary by the band explaining what is going on for newbs like myself!

The song itself is 20 minutes long which is a lot of extra guitar heroing. All four of the super powered abilities from my heroes were in effect for the duration and I'm pretty sure that was a very good thing. 2112 has some really crazy guitar segments in there and I doubt I could have passed it without the power-ups. Passing that stage unlocked 4 more heroes to power up and I imagine another super rock song of some kind after that. My fingers are crossed for Rime of the Ancient Mariner to show up at some point. I'd always feared it was too long for a rhythm game but if they're willing to put 2112 into a game then I have hope again!

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