Friday, May 11, 2012

Diablo III Hardcore!

I was talking to a guy at work yesterday who was really eager about hardcore mode for Diablo III. He was going to plow through normal mode to unlock hardcore mode and then wasn't going to play any more normal mode at all. I looked into how hardcore mode works this time around compared to Diablo II and found a couple interesting differences...

- You can't set your corpse to lootable by party members. If you die then everything on your body is blown out. This feels more in tune with how I feel hardcore mode should work so I like it. I never liked that playing in a team was so much more powerful than alone.
- Your stash is shared between characters on the same account (making it easier to transfer items) and these are _not_ cleared out on death. So you can store good items you're not currently using and get them in your next life. I like this.
- PvP doesn't result in permanent death. It's not clear if that's all PvP or just the arena stuff. Either way, I like that it's feasible to take a high level hardcore character into a PvP arena.
- You can't sell hardcore loot for real money, sadly. I would think this would be a thriving market since gear actually leaves the game and there's a real reason to twink out.

I don't think I'm going to main a hardcore character but once I get comfortable with the game I suspect I'll dabble in it like I did in Diablo II. Probably even a little more since I really like a lot of the changes.

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Anonymous said...

Alas poor Saucebeard, my late hardcore pally. Also DontChugRum, my late level 7 hardcore pally :)