Saturday, July 23, 2011

Galaxy Legion: Ship-Bot Frequency

The only way I'm increasing my ship size at the moment is via artifact points. One artifact, the ship-bot, increases your ship size by 2. Assuming each artifact has equal odds of being chosen (I've seen some distributions from people who tracked what they got and it seemed pretty even) how many artifact points does it take to get a ship-bot? 

The average cost for an artifact is 1596 and there are 60 different ones. As such it seems reasonable to assume that for every 95750 artifact points earned you'll get 2 decks. (It's actually better than this since one of the artifacts costs 20000 and you can remove it from the list of options by hitting the button with fewer than 20000 points stored up. 

I make 4135 artifact points per hour so I can expect to get 1 deck space every 11.6 hours. Now I just need to figure out how much deck space I need for all the modules in the known universe!

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Anonymous said...

somewhere around 4500 decks for everything. It was floating around on the forums a few months ago