Saturday, April 02, 2011

Swords For $400, Alex

This is actually a word that begins with a bloody S! I am talking, of course, about SABRE! I picked the item up that allows me to cast this spell today and decided to give it a spin on the boss of that dungeon, the Kraken. The fight was like a scene from a ninja movie. The boss punched the ninja in the face and the ninja got mad. He started running around like crazy (IE: I used defense sword until I was invincible) and the boss kept swinging and swinging but never could hit the ninja again. Then the ninja started to taunt the boss, brandishing his sword but not actually doing anything noticeable with it. Look, a sword! After showing the Kraken his sword 10 times to scoop up an extra 160 damage and 100 hit the ninja cast fast on himself and finally moved in for the kill. One action, 16 swings, and a very, very dead Kraken.

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