Monday, April 18, 2011

Need More Space!

In Final Fantasy XI you start with a size 30 bag on your character and a size 50 bag in your house. Gear you are wearing occupies space in your bags and you have 16 gear slots, so if you're fully equipped you only have 14 spots for other things. Very few monsters drop actual money and those that do drop insignificant amounts of it, but often the loot they drop is worth a lot of money (or is worth rep which some might argue is even more valuable). So you want way more bag space if at all possible. Also, you can be up to 20 different jobs each of which might have multiple sets of gear so 50 slots in your house is not nearly up to the task either. Nevermind that if you're actually interested in crafting things you need storage space for that stuff, too. There are lots of ways to get more space though they all tend to be time or money intensive. That said, here's what I think is a full list of ways to get more space.

1) Mog Satchel - Perhaps the easiest of them all. This gives you a bag the same size as your character's bag added to your house. To get this you need to buy a FFXI authenticator and use it to secure your account. Theoretically my FFXIV authenticator may work for this purpose and I should look into doing so.

2) Mog Sack - Identical to the Mog Satchel in functionality. Costs almost 10k gil to an artisan moogle in any of the major cities. Said moogle will also give you a scroll of instant warp each day as well. (One shot hearthstone, essentially.)

3) Storage from furniture - You can decorate your house with a wide variety of different things. (I have 2 rusty buckets as the only furnishings in my house...) Each item of furniture takes up a space in your house inventory but also provides you with extra storage. This storage is restricted to being accessed only in your home country (my bucket is only in Windurst so obviously I can only take my hat out of the bucket in Windurst) and is capped at 80 total. I can only store 1 item per bucket so they're not very useful. The biggest looks to be 65 from a single item but it looks to be pretty insane to obtain. (It's a high level synergy combine which needs a > 60 woodworker and a 60 goldsmith.) But the ones with 8 storage don't seem terribly unreasonable.

4) Increase the size of your Mog Safe (default house storage) by 10. There are 3 such quests so you can bump your safe up from 50 to 80. The quests require: {fame 3 Windurst, bronze bed, power bow, beetle ring}, {fame 5 Windurst, mahogany bed, selbina butter, shrimp lure}, {fame 6 Windurst, noble's bed, raptor mantle, wool hat}. You get the quests by having the proper bed in your house when the conquest rolls over Sunday morning but keep the bed. You consume the other items but theoretically could sell off the bed or give it to someone else so they can start the quest, too.

5) Increase the size of your character bag (which also increases the satchel and sack) by 5. There are 10 such quests so you can also get your inventory size up from 30 to 80. (Why is everything 80? Supposedly something to do with the way the game was coded on the PS2.) These quests all require Jeuno fame, which is actually just the average of your fame in the 3 starting cities. So you need to go do a lot of quests (could be repeatables) in all the cities to get the biggest bags. These quests require: {fame 3 Jeuno, dhalmel leather, steel ingot, linen cloth, peridot}, {fame 4 Jeuno, ram leather, mythril ingot, wool cloth, turquoise}, {fame 5 Jeuno, tiger leather, gold ingot, velvet cloth, painite}, {fame 5 Jeuno, cermet chunk, darksteel ingot, silk cloth, goshenite}, {fame 6 Jeuno, bugard leather, paktong ingot, moblinweave, rhodonite}, {fame 6 Jeuno, balloon cloth, shakudo ingot, high-quality eft skin, ioloite}, {fame 7 Jeuno, lynx leather, adaman ingot, rainbow cloth, deathstone}, {rank 7 Jeuno, smilodon leather, electrum ingot, square of cilice, angelstone}, {rank 8 Jeuno, orichalcum ingot, peiste leather, oil-soaked cloth, oxblood orb}, {fame 9 Jeuno, molybdenum ingot, griffon leather, foulard, angel skin orb}

6) Mog Locker - Unclear how much this actually costs. Size 30 by default and grows to size 80 eventually. You can only get this after doing missions in one of the expansion packs. You initially obtain the locker and upgrade it by trading in currency I've never heard of which presumably comes from the expansion zone. You have to pay an upkeep every 5 earth days or you lose access to everything stored in the locker until you pay again. (It looks like the currency is obtained by doing quests related to that expansion. I've already done one of them and am on 3 others!)

7) Porter Moogle - You pay this guy 1000g once to get a slip of paper. This slip is associated with a type of armor and you can, for free, trade the slip and items of those types to the moogle and he will hold on to the items for you. Trade him the slip alone and he'll let you take back some of the stored items for free. This seems really cheap and easy and not at all relevant to anyone who hasn't leveled many jobs to a high level.

8) Armor Depositories - NPCs scattered around the world who will hold on to complete sets of gear for you. They take the items for no cost and give you a key item (takes no space) in return. Pay a fee and the key item to get the complete set back. There are mid level sets here, so it seems useful once you outlevel a decent set of gear to save it for later use on another job. 400g for 5 temporary storage slots seems pretty ok if you're not going to use them for a while.

9) Event Item Depositories - Same as above but for random holiday gear you may want to keep but never use. I could see the egg hat going in here, for example, since you may want it next Easter but not any time in between.

Personally I bought the Mog Sack yesterday and almost immediately filled it up. What can I say, I like to hoard things that may have use later on. But if I needed to, I could free up storage space in my house by vendoring random junk or actually turning in quests. My big concern now is space to store things I loot while grinding or logs I chop down while logging. So I think my focus for now, in terms of getting more space, is to grind my rep high enough to increase my bag size. Tom found a repeatable quest which basically involves buying an item from a vendor and lugging it across the word to hand it in for more money and a bunch of rep so maybe I'll get on that. Alternatively I may just level a new job and farm quest mobs.

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