Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dragons: Still Twinky

Tom and I were working on our most recent mission and it ended sooner than I was expecting. We ended up face to face with the twinky dragon. The level capping system was supposed to cap us at 25 but it didn't seem to work since Tom seemed to stay at level 28. It didn't much matter as I quickly ran out of mana and got killed. Tom was doing an ok job at keeping steady at lowish health when the dragon petrified him. Stone doesn't seem like an instant kill in this game but it did stop him from acting or dodging and the dragon beat him to death.

I wasn't at the max level (only 22 here) and didn't have any consumables since I really wasn't expecting to fight a dragon at all. So I think we may well be able to 2-man it. Certainly a third person would seal the deal. (There is an add at the start, so a second person killing that guy faster would probably get us stabilized in time.) Well, depending on just how long stone lasts I guess, since I can't currently remove it.

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