Sunday, April 03, 2011

Flip Out?

I made it down to Chaos with this configuration. (I forgot I couldn't actually leave the dungeon so I gained the 50th level inside. It was a good one, but I couldn't save it, so I'll probably be 24 hit points worse next time. Or I may scum it to make sure I get about that many).

I got to take 6 actions total. Haste, 4 Sabers, and a melee attack in the 1700 range. I'd entered in my 8th command when he killed me. Sadly despite having a 50% chance to cast a spell he only cast 2 of them in his 8 actions. His 3rd spell has no game effect, so I had a good shot of killing him if he'd cast it. His 4th spell heals him to full, so if he'd cast more spells early on before I attacked at all I also would have won. A few more tries and I've probably got this, but the dungeon is so unbelievably huge that it takes an awfully long time to try. I don't think I have it in me to try again now, so I'm going to play some League of Legends games. Maybe I'll come back to it later tonight before bed, Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Certainly he will die by Tuesday!


Sky said...

In ff1 on the NES all the 'super HP' levels are fixed so you can't scum for huge HP. I guess that is different on your system.

Ziggyny said...

There are fixed ones in mine as well, but hp is like any other stat and can come up as a good stat on levels when it isn't forced to come up. I got a lot of extra health this way.