Friday, August 01, 2014

Pre WBC Games Played

I've been crashing in Pounder's basement for a little over a week now and we're pretty much set to leave for Lancaster at some stupidly early hour of the morning. I hate mornings. I should probably already be asleep and even that wouldn't give me enough sleep, but what can you do? Be grumpy and drink Coke I guess...

Anyway, lots of games got played this week. Since leaving my place on Thursday I believe I've played Quarriors twice, Hanabi, Race For The Galaxy, Battlestar Galactica, Innovation twice, Iron Dragon twice, Terra Mystica, Through the Ages, and Le Havre. And TITAN! We also went and hung out with Snuggles and Diana to work on the Puzzle Boat for a couple of nights. We're SO CLOSE to finishing it up now! TOOT TOOT!

I also did a lot of my normal stuff, like watching League of Legends, and playing League of Legends, and Civ V and Agricola and other such video gamely things. I have my SNES blog posts done up and the bridge ones should be finished up before I go to sleep so I should be all set on that front.

I got sick. I got better. I don't think it was food related. And maybe it was enough of a shock to my normally sequestered immune system that I'm all set up for 9 days among thousands of strangers in a foreign country? One can hope! Here's to lots of games, to wearing an actual team shirt on team shirt day, to tricking Andrew into eating strawberry sauced chocolate chip waffles, and to not being sick. Woo!

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