Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 WBC: Recap

I came away from WBC this year feeling like I didn't really play as much stuff as I normally do. Would that feeling pan out when I look at the numbers? Here's what I played in Lancaster this year...

Hanabi - 4
Through The Ages - 4
Innovation - 5
Vegas Showdown - 1
Splendor - 1
El Grande - 1
Le Havre - 4
Agricola - 4
Can't Stop - 1
Galaxy Trucker - 1
Ra the Dice Game - 1
Liar's Dice - 1
Wits & Wagers - 1
Concordia - 2
Facts in Five - 1
Fast Flowing Forest Fellers - 1

All told I played 17 different games and brought in a total of 34 plays between them all. Last year (when I was sick) was 9 for 19 so that's a pretty healthy rebound. But the year before that was 23 for 57... This year was way down from those numbers. But I don't really think I spend that much less time gaming this year. Through The Ages is in a 5 or 6 hour time slot and Le Havre and Agricola are both 3 hours. So I may have played fewer unique games and I may have started fewer play sessions but I suspect I actually spent a comparable amount of time playing games.

Open gaming was definitely down for me from previous years. Normally we'd play games after eating at Waffle House but we only did that once this time around. A lot of that was due to playing things at 9 in the morning. (I'm looking at you, Le Havre!) We didn't try out any of the games in Jay's Cafe. (Well, Concordia was there and we did play it, but we played on Sceadeau's copy, not on the loaner.) I also only played one game in the open gaming room all week.

I won my first sand plaque though I am really disappointed at the colour. It isn't pink at all. But then I'm not really sure why I thought it was pink in the first place. Maybe the colour changed at some point? Or maybe I'm just crazy. It is a pretty rare thing, and now I may need to track down a fez so I can pretend to belong to the sand club.

I also won my team game for the second year in a row. Duncan also won his team game which I suspect means we'll place in the top 10 of the team tournament. Bracket busters: I hope you went with the super long shot Dice Loving Canucks!

Galaxy Trucker was very fun despite my worries about how a real time game would be handled at WBC. And I heard decent things about crayon rails, too... Maybe next year will be the year I finally play crayon rails at WBC? If I manage to find my way there at all, anyway.

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