Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 WBC: Day 1

The first Saturday of the World Boardgaming Championships is a day with very few events running. Most (all?) of the games played are wargames with long play times that I assume very few people play, but enough people want to play them to totally justify them existing as events. This is great and catering to a wide range of gamers is one of the reasons WBC is so great. But it does mean showing up early on Saturday is not really a thing my group needs to do. There is still open gaming with people we haven't seen in a year which is pretty great too, but if it turns out we're an hour or two later than expected that isn't a big deal since there's no real start time for 'Hanabi with Sceadeau'.

Which is a good thing since it turned out WBC once again started on New Brunswick Day long weekend and the traffic into the US on Saturday morning was a little extreme. We left a little before 8am and still ended up waiting for almost 2 hours at the border. Or so I was told, since I was asleep in the back. ~2 hours of sleep and sitting in the back seat of a car is a good combination for not being able to stay awake.

Eventually Robb wanted to nap so they woke me up at a rest stop and I took over being the navigator. Or rather the nice outdated GPS lady took over, but I held her and made her feel needed as we did the last few hours of the trip. We ended up getting into Lancaster around 6:45 or so which meant the trip took around 11 hours. That's a fair bit more than the expected 8 or 9 hours. I blame New Brunswick Day. We were also hungry so we ate at the Texas Roadhouse before actually going to the event site.

Once there we played Hanabi until it was fairly late and then went to bed. The toilet in our room doesn't flush easily (I've already had to take the lid off the tank and fix it once) and the sink is cracked but I'm sure the Host won't get more terrible as the week goes on... Honest? Pretty please?

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