Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Civ V: Winning The Game

Yesterday I played a lot of Civ V, and got close to the end of the game in my first go with the two expansions. I'd managed to survive without getting wiped out and I felt like I had a reasonable economy/science/infrastructure going on. I missed all of the mid game wonders but got a couple early and late game ones. The question then became how was I going to win the game. My default method of winning the game in Civ V is to fill out 5 of the policy trees but that victory condition was removed in one of the expansions. Which meant I didn't know what my winning options were, or which ones I could try for... There are 5 ways to win now, but could I get any of them to work?

The first is to have the highest score when time runs out in the year 2050. I'm getting close to that end point, but I don't have the most points. I'm in 3rd, because I stood around trying out new mechanics while the Persians and the Americans waged wars to conquer most of their respective continents.

The second is the old science victory from before. Research a lot of things, build a space ship first. I did a lot of research but along a difference branch of the tree, so while I've done enough research to get all that stuff if I'd applied it right, I didn't. And the Americans did. So if the game ends this way it's likely to be them winning, not me.

The third is the old domination victory. Be the last person to own their own capital. I'm playing as Spain which had unique units in the mid game, which is when I was being aggressive. But I have no edge now, other than being smarter than the AI, and I have no army, and I have no time. It seems more likely to win by attacking by getting the most points via American cities, not by actually taking over the last 7 capitals.

The fourth one is brand new and replaces the old policy victory. They added an entirely new resource, tourism, to the game. There's a ton of new stuff centered around generating tourism and modifiers so that different civs get impacted by your tourism in different ways. The way you win is you need to have generated more tourism over the course of the entire game than every civ has generated culture. I didn't understand tourism at all until the end of the game and hadn't generated any until near the end of the game when I built the Eiffel Tower. I've really ramped my tourism generation up, and I will definitely end up dominating a couple of civs. But the Persians have still generated more than 7 times as much culture as I have tourism against them, so I have no hope of winning this way. Knowing how it works now it is intriguing to try to make it work right from day one though.

The fifth one is basically the old economic victory. Get voted the winner by enough of the city states around the map! In order to really do this you need a ton of money to bribe them, and probably should have a lot of policies spent making your bribes better. They added a cool 'World Congress' feature that makes buying votes useful the entire game instead of just for winning. Definitely my next game I'm going to try to focus on playing the city state game. Even this time around it may be my only hope. I'm not sure if I have quite enough money or time to pull it off, but I'm getting pretty close and it's my only shot. Every 10 years the UN meets to try to vote for a winner so I have 2 more chances before the year 2050 hits. I'm worried that the Americans will win via space shuttle before the second chance though, so I'm going all in this time around. I hope it works!

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