Friday, July 12, 2013

Civ V Expansions

My brother pointed out this morning that Steam had put the two expansions for Civ V up on sale. The first expansion was a mere $5, the second was $20 which is a pretty decent price considering it only came out very recently. I shrugged and went to pick them up but ran into problems. I couldn't buy the first expansion because Steam was convinced I already owned it. Eventually I gave up and booted the game to see what was going on and it definitely had the first expansion installed. I've never played it, so that's a little confusing. Did I buy it a while ago and forget about it? Buy it and have trouble getting it installed? Did it just randomly show up one day? I don't know, but I can't really complain that much. And I'm happy Steam was smart enough to keep me from buying it a second time if I had actually bought it in the past!

I started up a game with a random civ and got assigned the Spanish who I don't think were in the game I used to play. There's a ton of new stuff going on so I just did some stuff at random and was pretty happy with the results. It was definitely fun! I like trade routes. I like the larger variety of city-state quests. I like the way religion works. I don't know if the AI is nicer but no one declared war on me early on even though I was pretty weak. Eventually I got bored and had to attack someone! (Ok, not bored so much as I had built 4 of the Spanish specific unit and felt I needed to use them to get an advantage out of my random civ.)

Oh, and Sky will be thrilled to hear they finally buffed the bank so it isn't strictly inferior to the marketplace. Woo!

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Add you got trading cards!