Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 WBC Days 0 and 1

Friday was a bit of an adventure. I don't have to work, and Pounder does, so the easiest way to get things done was for me to take a bus from Toronto to Kitchener and spend the night in Pounder's basement. The downside is I bring a lot of things on a 10 day trip so I ended up having to lug a suitcase, backpack, and duffel bag around two cities. I ended up leaving some non-tournament games behind, but since we full up Pounder's trunk anyway maybe that's not such a bad thing. The first bus was full so I had to wait around for the next bus to come and it ended up being around 6ish hours from leaving my house to getting to the Google offices in Kitchener. I didn't play any games on Friday, but I did teach Robb and Pounder to play A Few Acres of Snow so Pounder could pretend to assistant GM it for me. We did go to a couple of grocery stores where I loaded up on gluten free tasty things like two bite brownies and ginger snaps. Also some terrible granola bar things that at least won't kill me so they're better than nothing.

Saturday brought the trip itself. It was about 10 hours door to door, with little in the way of getting lost. We stopped to eat at Wendy's along the way and I risked having a baked PoTaToE. It didn't make me sick. Hurray! We ended up getting into Lancaster right around the supper rush so the lineup at Texas Roadhouse was over an hour to get a table. We aborted to Red Robin since a cursory look at their webpage last month indicated I could probably eat there. It was a half hour wait for a table, but I wanted to go to Staples in the same complex so it wasn't so bad. I got some index cards and some pens to help run A Few Acres of Snow. Red Robin featured eating their main cheeseburger but with the tomato, onion, relish, sauce, and bun removed. I got their lettuce bun instead, and replaced the fries (which may be cross contaminated and are hence scary) with steamed carrots. It ended up being both tasty and didn't make me sick, so a win all around!

Back to the host where we had 10 people who wanted to break into two games of 5 each. Space Alert and Vegas Showdown. I don't much like either game, but I really hate Space Alert and I'm willing to play Vegas so I went with that. Then two more people showed up, turning 10 into 12. Rather than do the smart thing of becoming 3 4 player games we went with the same 5 player games and a 2 player game. On the plus side I got to slide out into the 2 player game, where I played Innovation with both expansions against Andy Lotto which was both a learning experience and quite fun. I ended up winning with a broken leader who let me achieve cards off of my board whenever I tucked a card with an industry symbol.

I am apparently old or something, as rather than stay up late hoping to get into another game I went to bed. It may have something to do with the fact that the most likely game to start was going to be another Space Alert game.

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