Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Streaming Test: Success?

Back in January I tried to stream from my apartment in Toronto with no success. My internet didn't have a high enough upload bandwidth which caused me to drop all the frames. The game also lagged massively which may or may not have been related, or it may have been a CPU issue with LoL and all the things I had open. It wasn't worth looking into since I couldn't possibly stream with my internet as it was. I wanted to get it fixed, but I was too averse to talking to people to call up Rogers.

I'm now living in Riverview, and while it's still on Rogers it's a much better connection. My upload in Toronto was 450K when you need 1.5M to stream at a minimum. I was supposed to have 2M, but the connection sucked. Here we're supposed to get 10M and I actually get 11M, so huzzah! (Interestingly, my mother had to call Rogers to change plans so that we'd have a bigger download cap, and it turns out she was also grandfathered into an old, expensive plan. So the internet got faster, with a massively larger download cap, and was $6 cheaper. I hate people.

Anyway, I now have enough upload bandwidth to try streaming again. My right arm started acting up again the last couple days so I didn't want to try with LoL... I fell back to the game I was playing a lot when I hurt my wrist in the first place: SolForge! A nice, slow card game where I can click with my left hand just fine.

I ran into some issues with the game lagging out, but Chrome and Firefox were eating up a ton of CPU usage. I shut those down and pretty much just left OBS, SolForge, and chat programs open. That sped things back up fine, and I was actually able to get something out. I had some issues with sound, but I deleted those videos while I figured out what was going on. I'm streaming all sources of sound, it turns out, which meant when I had the stream open I was looping back on myself over and over again. But once I closed Chrome that all went away. I need to figure out a way to only pick up certain audio sources, or I need to figure out a way to get Twitch chat without watching my own stream.

There's got to be a way to do that, since Path of Exile could actually allow chatting on Twitch through their client. I think maybe they're just IRC channels? Something to look up tomorrow I guess!


Sthenno said...

Oh wow, do you have a channel I could follow? I should be watching your stream.

Nick Page said...