Friday, November 14, 2014

Clicker Heroes Wall

I'm finding myself running into a bit of a wall in Clicker Heroes. I want to have all the ancients because that seems like it might be a reasonable spot to say I've beaten the game. (Or maybe I need all the achievements?) But I don't want to just buy them, run out of souls, and say that's that. I want to buy them when it might make sense to do so. I've actually bought them all except for three: Thusia, Juggernaut, and Morgulis.

My next ancient is going to cost me 50000 souls, and Morgulis is likely the best of the terrible options left since I don't actually click very often. Morgulis makes all your hero souls 10% better. Which means that in order to break even on buying him for 50000 souls I need to have 550000 souls on hand when I buy him. Considering I only have 92077 souls right now, that's a long way off.

I can scoop up around 30000 souls in a very short run where I just go until I'm not one-shotting pretty much everything, but this requires pretty active playing for an idle game because I need to actually buy more copies of Frostleaf pretty regularly or my progress sputters to a halt. Alternatively I can push on and on, further ahead, but that really doesn't earn me many souls. I've now gone 4 days since ascending (figuring that while playing World of Warcraft I can alt-tab over to pull a full combo to pass a couple levels every now and then), have hit level 1739, but I'm only going to get 67k souls when I ascend. That's twice what I can get in under an hour, and a terrible rate of return. I am getting more Frostleaf gilds which is nice, I guess.

Mostly I'm just finding my motivation to play waning and I'm getting annoyed at how CPU intensive a Flash idle game seems to be. So maybe getting all the ancients is a pipe dream and I should just pack it in now. It's not like I have any interesting numbers to crunch anymore...

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Anonymous said...

Juggernaut makes your combos MUCH more powerful. I realize you're mostly an idle player, but if you're willing to do full combos at the ends of your runs you can advance several bosses per combo for a few combos.

Thusia helps keep your money income relevant during these combos, so you don't fall off quite so fast. Non-chest minions don't really give much of anything at this point.

It sounds like you're gilding Frostleaf. You might be a bit better off gilding Samurai. I think I'm a bit ahead of you and I'm still gilding Samurai (though I'm considering when I should change over).